HEADWATERS 2015 Available Now!

Headwaters 2015 cover (jpeg)

Well, this week marks the conclusion of another successful publication cycle, as the 2015 edition of Headwaters Creative Arts hits the campus of UNCA with a bang! This year’s issue is one of our most jam-packed ever, featuring an unprecedented forty-eight total student contributors, with thirty-two full-color pages of art. Whether you’re into poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, painting, drawing, sculpture or photography, we’ve got something for you.

Grab a copy to check out the work of our awesome stable of student artists and writers, including Abigail Agoos, Jeff Horner, Mary Markovich, Maddy McDonald, Aaron Romano, Kari Barrows, Tay Greenleaf, Killian Giannini, Asha Gowan, Hadley Hutchens, Emilyann McKelvey, Hannah Noël, Michael Weddington, Luke Aitken, Ava Bock, Kelly Olshan, Isabel Rolles, Amryn Soldier, Louise Bahia Thompson, and many, many more.

It takes an army to get a project like Headwaters 2015 off the ground, and if you’ve supported us by reading our magazine, you’re a part of that army. If you want to keep supporting us, spread the word about our magazine! We’ve always got room for more contributors and volunteers; if you’re passionate about the creative arts, we’ve got a place for you.


HEADWATERS 2014 now taking Submissions!

We are now accepting submissions of Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Art for HEADWATERS 2014!

Authors and artists are encouraged to send up to 4 works, all prose and poetry at a maximum of 4000 words.

Just click the Submissions tab above or the direct link below:


We look forward to reading and viewing your work soon!

HEADWATERS 2014 available now!

HEADWATERS 2014 available now!

2014 Cover

HEADWATERS 2014 is available now and can be found in the 2nd floor lobby of Karpen Hall, in the main floor of Ramsey Library, and peppered all around campus!

Featuring works by Meghan Benavides, Margitt Briggs, Chase Folmar, Sarah Gibson, Abigail Gruchacz, Alexandra Helms, Scottie Hill, Holly Iglesias, Kate Ingram, Katerina Mirzoyan, Benjamin Newnam, Hannah Noël, Aaron Romano, Melissa Sibley and more!

Headwaters 2012!

Headwaters 2012!

We do indeed have the latest volume of Headwaters available in Karpen Hall! 2012’s lovely collection includes writing and art by Ryan-Ashley Anderson, Claire Brame, James Crawford, Dalton Day, Caitlin Donovan, Kilian Giannini, Dakota Hall, Ashley Hinceman, Celeste Holtzmann, Lori Horvitz, Dillon Kelley, Kimberly Labombard, Mesha Maren, Kelly Olshan, M. Owens, Laura Patterson, Tatiana Potts, Jon Reid, Jesse Rice-Evans, Fabian Rodriguez, Christine Templeton, John Thomas, Keeley Turner, Shelby Veccio, and Mary Grace Wynn.

Pick up your copy outside Dawn’s office on the second floor of Karpen!

Headwaters 2011

Headwaters 2011

Headwaters 2011 Cover

Headwaters 2011 has been released. Be sure to pick up your copy of the most recent issue of Headwaters in Karpen Hall.

Issue 2011 features works by: Ryan-Ashley Anderson, Christina Ayers, Joy Boothe, Amy Borg, Richard Chess, Kalen Clontz, James Crawford, Caitlin Donovan, Robert Donnellan, Reid Drake, Abigail Eisele, Sally Garnder, Brian Hart, Michaela Holcombe, Holly Iglesias, Adam Jernigan, Katie Johnson, Mesha Maren, Leah Noran, Stephany Nezo, M. Owens, Emily Porter-Fyke, Jason Rafferty, Daniel Resner, Jesse S. Rice-Evans, Chett Tiller, and Caroline Wilson