Submissions Deadline: Dec 10

We are quickly approaching our Submissions deadline for this year’s issue of Headwaters If you are a UNCA Student or Alumnus, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CREATIVE WRITING AND/OR ART TO¬†HEADWATERS¬†by December 10th! You can submit up to five creative writing pieces and five art pieces. Click on the “SUBMISSIONS” link above!

Headwaters 2012!

We do indeed have the latest volume of Headwaters available in Karpen Hall! 2012’s lovely collection includes writing and art by Ryan-Ashley Anderson, Claire Brame, James Crawford, Dalton Day, Caitlin Donovan, Kilian Giannini, Dakota Hall, Ashley Hinceman, Celeste Holtzmann, Lori Horvitz, Dillon Kelley, Kimberly Labombard, Mesha Maren, Kelly Olshan, M. Owens, Laura Patterson, Tatiana Potts,…